5 Best Web Hosting In Nigeria 2019

The internet is a home of much information stored as web pages (websites) on servers. But for such information on web pages to be visible on the internet, it must be hosted on the web.

Different hosting companies have sprouted out in Nigeria, to drive home the current exigent need of information.

The emergence of these companies has also made subscription transactions easier for Nigerians. We can now pay for these web hosting services through simple mobile transfers or bank deposits.

But a question seeking good answer keeps bothering us. Which of these hosting companies are the best and which should we go for?

Well, before we fully delve into the 5 best web hosting in Nigeria, I will first take you gently through what web hosting is and also the different types of web hosting services available.

This will help you know what to expect and then help you set your goals. So, just flow with me as we glide gently down.

What is Web Hosting?

To reiterate, web pages cannot be accessed on the World Wide Web (www) if they are not hosted. Web hosting, therefore, gives an individual or an organization the opportunity to make their website visible to users on the internet.

The hosting services are provided by companies called web hosts. These companies provide space on special computers called servers, which are either owned or leased for use by clients.

They connect users through their web browsers to the data stored on servers housed in a data center. A data center is a building or space specifically dedicated to housing computer systems and data storage systems.

Types of Web Hosting Services

There are six different types of web hosting services that are popular. They include the following:

1. Shared Web Hosting

As the name implies, your website is hosted on a server on which other websites are hosted too. It is relatively cheap because you share every of its cost with other owners having their site on that server.

But this type of hosting has its disadvantages. A new blog or website hosted on this plan can be militated against as per speed by other websites on that server, which attracts much traffic.

2. Cloud-Based Web Hosting

In this type of hosting service, many different individual servers work together, such that they appear like one giant server. Websites with much traffic work comfortably with this type of hosting service.

3. Virtual Private Server (VPN)

This type allows you access to some tools that will enable you to control the security and performance of your site. But to use this type of service, you will need to have the technical know-how for managing servers.

4. Dedicated Web Servers

Under this service, you do not have to bother about other websites because you rent a particular server from the hosting company just for your own website.

This server is specifically dedicated to you. You need to upgrade to this when you begin to have enough traffic on your blog.

5. Collocation Web Hosting

By collocation, I mean that you will buy a rack space in the data center, where you will then put your own personal server.

The hosting company provides the power for the machine, cooling, internet uplink and physical security for your server.

6. Self Service Web Hosting

Under this service, you will handle everything yourself: buying the server, powering and cooling the server. Virtually everything is done by you.

Now that you know the different types of web hosting services, lets then see the best web hosting in Nigeria.

5 Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

There are many web hosting companies in Nigeria that are good. It is however difficult to statistically place these companies in order of the quality of service they render without favor or prejudice.

What I have provided here is based on personal research which I believe translates into what actually exists. I, therefore state that they are merely recommendations from me and that I have no special attachment with any of them.

1. Smart Web

Smart web is one of the oldest web hosting companies in Nigeria. They have fifteen years of web hosting experience.

They do not only offer web hosting services but also handle web designing among other services. They offer a disc space of 10GB for the Standard package to unlimited space for the Professional package.

Their bandwidth ranges from 30GB to unmetered bandwidth. Smartweb also gives free .com.ng domain. Approved by NiRA (Nigerian Internet Registration Association), Smartweb offers reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and so on.

Visit Smart Web to learn more about them.

2. Domainking

Domainking is a web hosting company that is gaining ground among Nigerian bloggers and business people, though it has an Indian origin.

They have three packages on their shared hosting service. It ranges from Soldier package which costs N4000 per year to the King package which costs N20,000 per year.

They offer a storage space range of 2GB to unlimited space and unmetered bandwidth, depending on the package of your choice.

Visit DomainKing and see what they’ve got for you.

3. WhoGohost

WhoGoHost is another Nigeria based web host service providers that are good at what they do. Like other web hosts above, WhoGoHost offers both monthly and annual plans.

They also do web designing, web management and so on. Their beginner package called Aspire costs N500 per month, while their Supreme package costs N2500 per month.

They also offer a storage space ranging from 2GB to 20GB and a bandwidth of 4GB to 60GB respectively, depending on your choice of package.

Visit WhoGohost “make you see who go host for you.”

4. Qservers

Qservers is another hosting company that got to my list. They offer shared hosting, e-commerce hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting and other web management services.

In their shared hosting package, the Starter product goes for N3500 while the highest package, Mega goes for N17,000 annually.

They offer storage space ranging from 2GB to 80GB and bandwidth of 8GB to 120GB depending on the package.

Visit Qservers to see more they’ve got.

5. Hostnownow

HostNowNow is the last on my list, but it is not the least. This company is also common among website owners in Nigeria; I hope you would want to try them.

They offer reseller hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting and so on. They also handle other web management services like web designing and cybersecurity.

HostNowNow offers a storage space ranging from 2GB to 20GB, and bandwidth of range, 4GB to 60 GB. Their Larva package costs N2500 per year while the Eagle package goes for N12000.

Enter Hostnownow and see more why you should “host now.”

That is all for the best 5 web hosting companies in Nigeria. See our beginners guide to create a WordPress website

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