Top 5 Forum Extensions for Joomla

The internet is becoming very competitive by the day, hence, it is very needful for every online business to not only device strategies of attracting visitors to their website, but also device means of retaining those visitors.

One of the means that could be done is by adding a discussion or forum extension to your website. Adding a forum extension to websites has become a modern-day practice as it helps boost sales, generate fresh content regularly for your site which is good for SEO, and build an online community which ultimately leads to retaining your online visitors.

If you are looking on creating a forum extension for Joomla website, then this article is just for you. Creating a professional forum for your Joomla website is not difficult, provided you have the best forum extension.

Here are the top 5 Joomla forum extension that will help you get started in building your own Joomla forum. Some of the Joomla forums extensions listed here are free, while others are paid, with great feedback and reviews on Joomla community.

1.Kunena Forums

The first Joomla forum extension on our list is the Kunena forum. This is by far the best forum extension for Joomla and the most popular extension used by the Joomla community.

The Kunena forumus is packed with a lot of amazing features that could help you get started immediately in creating your own Forum. This forum extension is free, well coded, and requires no hacks or bridges before you can get it to work.

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2. Easydiscuss

Easydiscuss is another amazing Joomla forum extension. This is a paid extension with tons of features that will help you build a professional forum. Also, with this extension, you can also build a question and answer community on your website easily. 

Whatever type of question and answer topic you intend to integrate on your website, Easydiscuss will help you get started as fast as possible. 

The Easydiscuss is a paid extension with 2 subscription plans. The first plan is $79 while the other plan is $199.

The first plan of $79, which is the EasyDiscuss Pro gives you access to:

  1. 12 Months Support & Updates
  2. Free Installation Service
  3. 20% Discount On Renewals
  4. Unlimited Installations
  5. 5 Themes Included
  6. Priority Support (1 domain)
  7. 48 Hours Response Time

While the second plan of $199, which is the EasyDiscuss Developer gives you access to:

  1. 12 Months Support & Updates
  2. Free Installation Service
  3. 20% Discount On Renewals
  4. Unlimited Installations
  5. 7 Themes Included
  6. Priority Support (5 domains)
  7. 24 Hours Response Time
  8. Priority Helpdesk Support

The Easy discuss is really great Joomla forum, hence, you are sure to get value for your money. Moreover, even after the payment, you will make is a one-time payment, as the product will still be working even after your subscription ends.  

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3. Cobalt

Cobalt is more than a forum extension. With Cobalt, you can build almost anything like a blog, private ticket system, forum, support desk, real estate, job board, auto market, etc. 

Cobalt is a free Joomla forum extension with great features of CCK (content construction kit). With this free extension, you are sure to build a stunning forum with amazing features as fast as possible. Also, this extension has great customer support that responds almost instantly. 

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4. CJ Forums

The CJ Forums is another great forum extension on our list. This forum extension is a paid extension that is packed with some amazing features that you might want to give a trial.  This extension cost $75.

This forum has a built-in user profile and rank system, avatar system, user point system and activity stream. This ext4ension is also mobile responsive. 

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5. Chrono Forums

Chrono Forums is the last no Joomla forum extension on our list. This forum is great for creating a forum on your Joomla website. This extension is a free extension and it is packed with powerful features. However, there are some features that might not be available in this forum that you might find in the Kunena forum.

One amazing feature about this extension is that is very flexible and easy to use. 

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That is it for our top 5 Joomla forum extensions. stated, some of these are paid while the others are free. The free ones also have great features that might just be all you need to set up a forum on your website. 

Hence, if you are just starting out, I recommend you try out the free ones first before going for the paid ones. If you are looking for the best free forum extension, my recommendation is Kunena. While if you intend to consider a paid one, then I recommend Easydiscuss Pro.

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Feel free to leave a comment and let us me know the one you preferred the most, and why.


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